Special Educator Training Modules

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  1. I have much clearer understanding and some excellent strategies supporting engagement with peers in young students. Great information!

  2. These online training modules for school-based professional supporting students with disabilities. I have learned so much about autism. Now I know what to do to a person who experiencing it. I will never judged because it was too hard for them to have that kind of situation.

  3. Very educative indeed this will be of great help and will be more knowledgeable and have skills to give aid to special learners we interact with . Hopefully am ready to hear more .

  4. “Special Educator Training Modules offer a comprehensive approach to staff development in the field of special education. These modules provide educators with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively support students with diverse learning needs. The focus on individualized instruction and inclusion ensures every student receives the quality education they deserve. Kudos to the team behind this valuable training resource!”

  5. I absolutely love the idea of online training modules for school-based professionals supporting students with disabilities. These modules provide a convenient and accessible way to enhance their knowledge and skills. By equipping educators with the necessary tools and strategies, we can create a more inclusive and empowering learning environment for all students.

  6. These online training modules for school-based professionals supporting students with disabilities are a game-changer in the realm of Project management. The seamless integration of specialized content, interactive exercises, and user-friendly interfaces ensures efficient learning and effective application. Kudos to the team behind this project for empowering educators to make a real difference in the lives of these students.

  7. I have learned so much about autism. Now I know what to do if I see some people who experiencing it. I will never judged them if I might see an autism person I have learned so much of this presentation excellent.

  8. Hi. I found two things in Module 5, in the Scenario, the scenario is about “Ethan” but one of the choices names “Cameron”.
    The other thing is in Supporting Participation, the question reads: “Can participation by increased by changing the lesson format?” I think it should read: “Can participation be increased….”
    Sorry. I just really love these modules and am sharing them with my district so I want them to stand for the quality they represent.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I am using it to develop a training model for our district. I had my paraeducator use it when we had a shelter-in-place. They really enjoyed it and learned a lot! I’m going through them now myself and I noticed that in Module 4, at the end in “Check for Understanding” question #4 is a drag and drop matching question. There seems to be something wrong with it when you submit. It corrects you on topics from a different module. You might also want to look at question #8, maybe I was reading it wrong, but the statement seems awkward.

  10. All people deserve to be treated equal no mattter of their color visual disabilities and. Physical disabilities
    Everybody learns on different levels and ways but all can be taught to learn.
    Also you must have Patience Be kind and have compasion along with heart full of LOVE

  11. This was so informative speaking from a former long term sub. to a reading IA’s. This helped me understand the students I work with more. I can honestly say I can teach with a better approach or understand students needs clearer. I honestly think we all could benefit from this every year. Thank you

  12. These courses were refreshing and informative. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to review this information again. I have gained additional information on autism and how to support each student, in inclusive environments.

  13. Definitely a keepsake and a “ go to manual “ for future reference. A great reminder of our calling to our students and what we as general and special educators can do to help our students excel in spite of differences. “Empathy “ on a whole new level. Thank you.

  14. Highly informative material! I learned important information that has definitely helped me to understand my students better and gave me a better much needed respect for them and their disability! I luvd my students before but I luv them so much more now! Thank You so much!

  15. Very informative and allowed me to know that I knew more about some modules than I thought as well as gave me knowledge to strengthen areas that I thought I knew well. I use a lot of this things in my classroom and have never really give thought to what the full bulk is because I just know what my students need and give to them without thinking about all of the textbook savvy terms and terminology. There are also many things that I will begin to use in my classroom to assist with more learning disabilities and behavior. Very Informative and Wonderful take-aways from the modules!

  16. These modules not only highlighted skills I have learned and used, but added to my knowledge that will be put to use!

  17. A.Bray
    That was a wealth of incredible information. I will be preferring back to it. Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. I have much clearer understanding and some excellent strategies supporting engagement with peers in young students. Great information!

  18. Very informative information and some excellent strategies for supporting and engaging with disability students

  19. These resources are very beneficial; we would like to embed a video (properly attributing with the correct reference) from the Positive Behavior Support module to use in our Proactive Behavior Strategies PowerPoint resource for special educators. Could we have access to the video (first video in Module 3)?
    Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Yo tengo un hijo con autismo leve pero el diagnóstico es autismo nunca he podido encontrar a yuda y mi hijo le cuesta a prender solo quisiera que porfabor me ayudarán porque yo no sé qué hacer espero por el a mor de Dios me den a yuda gracias

    1. Donde vives? Puedes encontrar ayuda con Partner for Success en su county. Mary Barbera es una madre y professional con un podcast y recursos para ayudar madre and padre como usted. Tambien puede encontrar ayuda com el Autism Society en su county.

  21. I have learned so much more about autism. I had a non-verbal student with autism. This module gave me much more insight into what his thoughts were. I learned many new sensory reports. I truly enjoyed this module!

    1. This modules are really essentials to the teachers and staffs who worked with disabilities, where they can acquire additional references and resources and support academically. It adds more knowledge even inclusions where there skills and idea will be broaden.

  22. I have a much clearer understanding of the neurological aspects related to Autism after viewing this presentation.

  23. We’re excited to make these open-access modules available to schools, families, and communities. This comment board is moderated, and we’ll be creating more tools to answer questions and offer useful information. We’re also working on additional resources, references, key idea sheets, and supports that can be laminated. Meanwhile, please feel free to distribute this link to anyone who might benefit from the trainings: https://www.scaffolds.org/learn/special-educator-training-modules Speaking for Kay Holman at Towson University and our team at the Hussman Institute for Autism, we hope you’ll find these useful. Thanks! – John

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