About Us

Scaffolds is devoted to providing open-access resources, training materials, information, and program models that can be embedded into activities of daily life, recreational activities, classrooms, and community settings, in order to support and include individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

Our vision is a world where differently-abled individuals are valued as equals, and are embraced by family members, teachers, friends, professionals, and community members in their homes, schools, and daily lives, rather than segregated settings and therapist offices. Our hope is to share effective materials and programs that offer the added structure, knowledge and skills – the scaffolds – needed to support these individuals in ordinary, naturalistic settings.

Scaffolds is a non-profit service project of the Hussman Foundation and the Hussman Institute with Autism, with partnerships including Towson University and the Autism Society of America, as well as individual community organizations, parks & recreation programs, schools, and residential programs.

For more information, please contact our Program Director, Colleen George, at cgeorge@hussmanautism.org